Victim Named in Poker Palace Las Vegas Hit and Run Murder Investigation

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Victim Named in Poker Palace Las Vegas Hit and Run Murder Investigation

Posted on: April 15, 2021, 10:32h.

Last updated on: April 15, 2021, 11:44h.

Philip Conneller

A man killed outside the Poker Palace in North Las Vegas in a hit-and-run incident turned murder investigation has been named by the Clark County Coroner as Fredrick J. Mason, 49.

Jacqueline Martin
Jacqueline Martin is accused of intentionally running down and killing the father of her children, Fredrick J. Mason. (Image: LVMPD)

Jacqueline Rose Martin, 43 – spelled “Jackqueline” in the arrest report – was detained in the early hours of Monday morning, shortly after police discovered Mason bleeding in the dirt area behind a bus stop opposite the casino on North Las Vegas Boulevard. He was dead by the time paramedics arrived.

Martin, originally from Denver, is accused of deliberately running down Mason, whose name was redacted in the original arrest report obtained by

Memory Lapse

A witness told police at the scene that the vehicle that hit Mason was, at that time, sitting in the parking lot of a nearby 7-Eleven. Officers located the vehicle and arrested Martin, who was inside.

Despite having a shattered driver-side windshield, Martin initially denied having been in an accident. She later claimed she blacked out and didn’t remember hitting Mason, who was the father of her three children.

Officers obtained footage from Poker Palace’s security cameras, which captured the incident.

In a police interview, Martin said she and Mason had been arguing a lot and “not getting on” since January. They were no longer cohabiting, and their children were living with a family member. On the night in question, she believed Mason had slashed her tire.

Veered into Bus Lane

While parked at the 7-Eleven, the couple argued, and Mason threw a rock through her windshield and ran away, according to the arrest report. Martin chased him in the vehicle, running a red light at Evans Boulevard, catching up with him as he crossed North Las Vegas Boulevard towards the bus stop.

She swerved into the bus lane and knocked him down.

A passenger in the vehicle whose name is redacted said: “You hit him,” at which point Martin allegedly said she should reverse up and make sure.

While Martin claimed she does not remember hitting the victim, she admitted to police that she did “go after him.”

Martin and the passenger went to Martin’s home, where they drank some vodka. Martin then returned to the Poker Palace, and eventually the 7-Eleven.

Mason died of blunt force trauma to head, according to the coroner, who ruled it was a homicide.

Martin is currently being held without bail at North Las Vegas Community Correctional Center. She faces one count of open murder with a deadly weapon.

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