Feds Reportedly Seize Millions in Cash, Assets From Gambler’s Home

Feds Reportedly Seize Millions in Cash, Assets From Gambler’s Home

Posted on: July 22, 2021, 11:19h.

Last updated on: July 22, 2021, 12:16h.

Ed Silverstein

The law enforcement raid of a Florida residence belonging to high-profile sports gambler Clarence “Gary” Austin led to the seizure of almost $4.3 million in cash. Also taken were 61 gold bars and five fancy cars, according to a recently published report.

Austin is pictured with his daughter (right) on her wedding day in 2018. Austin’s Florida mansion was recently raided. (Image: La Nación)

The items were seized by federal agents in April from the Plantation, Fla. residence, the Sun-Sentinel reported. Austin is a sports gambler linked to Costa Rica-based sports wagering website Tradewinds.

Austin is the owner and operator of the Tradewinds gaming site, a Costa Rica-based gambling website, according to the Florida report. It has been in operation since 1998.

Austin and Calvin Ayre, the Canadian billionaire, were reported as among the founders of sportsbook businesses in Costa Rica, according to The Costa Rica Star.

The value of the gold bars and upscale cars taken from the house was not immediately known. The cars include two Mercedes Benzes, a Lamborghini, a Porsche Cayenne, and a Land Rover Range Rover, the report said.

A Miami Heat championship ring was also seized.

So Far, No Charges

As of Thursday, no criminal charges were filed as a result of the federal raid of Austin’s home.

But the Sun-Sentinel quotes a federal court document that Austin set up “an intricate domestic and international money laundering organization and methods to surreptitiously conduct monetary transactions with the bookmakers and bettors located in the US in order to ultimately receive and utilize the illicit earnings.”

In addition, the federal inquiry has revealed that Austin’s “illegal Internet gambling enterprise has produced in excess of $34 million in illegal proceeds during its operation.”

The quoted document also claims Austin has no “legitimate income except a monthly Social Security check.”

The money was kept in “numerous domestic and offshore corporations, business entities, and trusts,” the report said.

It appears the case is being developed in Texas federal court even though Austin’s home is in Florida.

Lawyers Quiet on Case

When reached for comment, Austin’s attorney, Howard Schumacher, told the Sun-Sentinel on Wednesday it was “too early to say at this point” if charges are forthcoming. He also declined to comment about the case. Schumacher specializes in criminal law and is associated with the Florida-based Meltzer & Bell law firm.

Casino.org reached out to Schumacher on Thursday. He did not immediately respond.

Casino.org also reached out to the US Attorney’s Office in South Florida for comment or further information. There was no immediate response.

Austin also owns a residence in Hollywood and Weston. Both communities are in Florida. Austin is the ex-husband of Lynda Diaz. She is a model from Costa Rica.

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